About us

About the company

Vilniaus Kranai UAB is one of the largest companies to rent and sell construction machinery in Lithuania. We are the Baltic partner of the large Zeppelin company based in German.

Many years of experience, qualified staff, financial stability, reliable partners, a constantly expanding market and a growing number of customers are a guarantee of success for Vilniaus Kranai UAB, enabling the company to successfully develop its business not only in Lithuania, but in the Baltic region as well.

Tower crane rental and sales are the company’s principal areas of operation.

The company regularly upgrades its fleet of hoisting equipment to meet the growing needs and requirements of its customers.

Vilniaus Kranai UAB has introduced the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, thus all the work in the company is carried out in compliance with high quality requirements.


Company vision

With the introduction and ongoing improvement of the management system according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, Vilniaus Kranai UAB is guided by the following principles:

  • Creative and positive, the employees of Vilniaus Kranai UAB are true experts in their field able to make decisions and implement them responsibly.
  • The employees of Vilniaus Kranai UAB seek to understand customer needs and in consideration of the environmental practices, offer an optimal hoisting solution for each and every customer.
  • Vilniaus Kranai UAB regularly upgrades its fleet of hoisting equipment to ensure continuous operation for its customers. By mastering and introducing advanced hoisting technologies, the company seeks sustainable interaction between the environment, human activity and technology.
  • Vilniaus Kranai UAB is an international service provider that offers its employees favorable conditions for professional improvement.
  • Vilniaus Kranai UAB complies with the legal requirements and operating procedures.

Vilniaus Kranai UAB aims at being an environmentally friendly company; it seeks to reduce pollution or other damaging effects on the environment through the application of economically justified measures.